About Wave Street Wellness



Our mission: To empower people everywhere to live healthier and more sustainable lives. 


Wave Street Wellness is dedicated to supporting each individual’s healthy lifestyle transition. We offer the tools, expertise and, most importantly, the sustaining and supportive community environment required for success.

Our healthy living center provides a naturally supportive environment, high-quality and experienced teachers and guest healers together with hands-on learning opportunities encouraging us to become informed, active and engaged in healthy living.

Wave Street Wellness Online connects local and distant students with live and on-demand classes and workshops, providing a round-the-clock opportunity and the necessary tools to stay on a healthy track.


Cafe and Succulent Gardens


Our Cafe offers expertly prepared organic and fair trade teas, rooibos, mate and herbal infusions.  Locally roasted and sustainably sourced Acme Coffee is served cold brewed and hand dripped.  Relax in our garden oasis on our radiantly-heated benches listening to the sound of flowing water while enjoying locally made,vegan baked goods, 100% organic salad bar and fresh-pressed, raw vegetable and fruit juices from Central Coast Juicery in Pacific Grove. 

Our People


Wave Street Wellness opened in 2014 and is owned and operated by Wave Street, Inc. President Rhett Allen Smith, a native of the Monterey Peninsula, is also the founder and president of Wave Street Studios, a media production company, and the designer and builder of Wave Street Wellness’s Cannery Row facility. Rhett and his wife Judy have two teenaged children, Courtney and Foster Smith. 

Our Facility


Wave Street Wellness is a specialty-designed workshop-retreat venue and global webcast studio on the Monterey Peninsula. The custom three-story, poured-in-place, concrete building and sound stage was completed in 2006. The project included the rehabilitation of the historic 1919 Quock Mui house at 774 Wave Street. The main studio has a 1000 square-foot, professionally sprung bamboo floor perfect for movement classes, dancing, yoga and musical resonance. Our gardens and waterfall include a wide variety of plant species, especially succulents. Landscaping is irrigated entirely with reclaimed water from our 1500 gallon cistern. The building is paint-free and utilizes reclaimed stone and brick throughout. The studio has 30 feet of radiantly heated concrete seating outside and is heated with 40 feet of radiantly heated counters inside.

Our cafe features raw juices and locally roasted coffee and has 14 foot ceilings and 6 oversized copper and glass French doors. Massage treatment rooms feature radiantly-heated bamboo floors and second floor views of our gardens and the Monterey Recreation Trail. Our roof-top amenities are perfect for outdoor yoga, meditation or massage and include a radiantly-heated concrete massage table and a custom-made, stone hot tub,